The New

We had a great practice this last Saturday. We went over a new song and some old stuff. I can’t wait to intro to the church.

We also had a devotion about true worship. We talked over the idea of what our “truth” worship would look like. And also what we should aspire to.
It was a great discussion and even in preparation, I was challenged with the idea of how we should come into a service.
I think it is important to remember we come to honor God first. We do it each day and as we present ourselves to him as living sacrifices daily, we honor and worship Him.
We have to be careful to not make this about us. I feel at times it is easy to think that it is all about outreach. The idea of worship is inherently not about anyone or anything else other than God. We offer ourselves to him. Then in that expression it invites others to do the same.

We ended with a challenge to meet someone new and then pray for them.

So how did it go?
Did anyone meet someone and find out about them?
If so share?



Worship and squirrels

I was driving home from school today a little stressed. For me stress means that I was aware of all that I have to do and wondering how I was going to do it and …”Squirrel”…  anyway that is about how my mind works and how little stress affects me. I will say this, I wont be sleeping much this week.

I began to think of all the impossibilities and it reminded me that with God nothing is impossible. I began a little mini worship service in my mind of how Thankful I am that I have God.

So what would your mini worship service look like?

I am not saying that I started singing and playing music. That wasn’t it at all! I was encouraging myself by reminding myself of the faithfulness of God.

Have you ever been there? maybe for you, stress looks much different, maybe it feels much different. But the concept is the same. Sometimes you just have to stop your mind from rolling, You have to pull a… “Squirrel”… if you will.

Remind yourself of the good things that God has blessed you with. You have to look at how far you have come and accomplished. Look at the little blessings that we tend to overlook, like a roof over our heads and water to drink. Then regroup and get back going!

Probably one of the hardest things that I deal with is missing my boy and girls. I makes me appreciate them so much more. Their beautiful smiling faces, is something that I think about often.

So I say again if you had to stop RIGHT now and write out a mini worship service what would you say!

Share it in the comments! I will share mine as well!




I am just about to pull an all-nighter, study-a-thon! But I figured I would start with a short post.

I often think to myself, How can I encourage my team this week? Maybe a short post with a scripture, maybe a challenge, or some discussion questions?

Today I keep coming back to one thing… Prayer.

One of our Core Values at the well is: Prayer is essential for all ministry.

I would love to have the perfect words to type and send out to everyone today. Honestly though, God is reminding me that it is beneficial to pray for my team. It is a practice I used to do more often and need to do more of. I know that I need prayer. I Know that it is essential for ministry because our ministry must be guided by the Holy Spirit. And I say ministry as worship in church and out. so my prayer today

God I believe that you are in control. You have placed each of us here on purpose. We have much to learn from one another. I pray that you would reveal the gifts and talents that you have in each one of us, far beyond musicianship. But as God honoring vessels ready to do your will. We love  to worship you and above all desire that our lives would be a model of worship to all that we come in contact with. I pray that your praise will continually be on our lips and in our hearts. So that when we wake up in the morning we would desire to honor you with our whole hearts. I pray that you would break any strongholds of the enemy, that are tearing us away from you. I ask you to renew our minds as we meditate on you. I pray for you to bring healing to areas of our hearts that are broken, and strengthen us to be a witness of your healing power. Unite us all under the common goal to see You Lifted and your glory known to this world. Give each one of us a passion for you greater than anything in this world.

If you would like to, share a prayer in the comments and lets lift each other up this week.



What is Your plan

As many of you know The Well is doing a corporate media fast starting Sunday Jan 20.

I hope that you will consider getting involved. Fasting is an essential part of being a follower of Christ. We have to at times put things aside to draw closer to God and get back on track.

What better way then to eliminate the non-essential things that keep our attention. The things that we always so easily choose Before we get to God (if ever).

I would encourage you to not only give up these things but take the opportunity to spend with God, pray, and have real conversations with family.

Here are a few points about fasting from sunday’s sermon that I thought were good to remember…

  • The benefits we get from fasting far outweigh the tiny sacrifices we make.
  • Fasting is not deal making, magic fairy dust, or moving God, not for selfish gain.
  • Jesus fasted for 40 days!  Are we better than He. Jesus also said, “When you fast…”
  • Fasting is about emptying our lives of empty pursuits, and pursuing the heart of God!

So what are you going to do with all that extra time that you can’t fill with facebook, news, video games, twitter and dare I say it… American Idol (Cringe)!

I ask you this, have you started a Bible reading plan this year?

If you have, GREAT!!!! If you haven’t, You need to get one. If you make a plan to read your Bible you will be more likely to actually do it.

I found this site today where you can make your own Bible reading plan! You just pick the book(s) and amount of days and BAM! there it is, you can print it off, sync with ical, have it sent as an email, or have it sent to your Kindle/Kindle App!  Can i just say that leaves no excuse!

Here is the link

I am doing psalms in 21 days starting the same day as the fast. If you dont have a plan feel free to do this one with me!!!

Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as an opportunity to hang out with God. Is that really a sacrifice? It is actually an honor and privilege.





We introduced a new song this sunday and I wanted to put it out there for everyone.

The name is Desert Soul by Rend collective Experiment.

Here is the Video with the Lyrics.

I always take and look at a song before doing it. This one in particular has some interesting lyrics. Not as easy to pick apart at first glance. So I wanted to put out there the meaning of what I got out of it and why we decided to add it in.

The verse starts with a lot of Me in it. Not exactly a choice I would take right away. I am more happy generally talking about God and pointing to him. But I also think there is value at times in taking and saying “God this is where I am, It stinks and I want more” The verse does exactly that. It points out where I am and where I want to go.

okay so that is great, now what, does the song get us past that point? There is a short interlude stating how desperate we are and that we are reaching. Relying on the truth that when we reach out to him he is there.

I like lyrics like this because they force me to ask myself throughout the week?

Okay I sang it, but Am I desperate? Does my life show it?

Am I reaching, truly reaching out to God or more to the things of this world?

After some sobering answers(from myself) the chorus reminds us what we are without the living breath of God on our lives. We are dry, thirsty, in need of living water that only comes from God.

It states, “I am running” I love this part. It speaks so clearly to the desperate need we have of God in our lives. Whenever we run in life it is for a purpose, we don’t do it for fun (most of us).

It ends stating that God is the only thing that will satisfy this thirst in our lives. He will infuse life into our dry bones when we choose to live for him.




New Year


We had a great first year of Blogging at WellWorship ministry. We started this site to encourage one another and put out challenges to go deeper in Christ. We had about 5 guest posts from team members and some from leadership sites and worship blogs.

Thank you for taking the time to come and read and comment and share your thoughts.

I hope to continue this into 2013

With that being said, I would like to hear from you!

What did you like most, What did you hate, what was helpful, what was not helpful? I am looking to be a resource and an encouragement, So let me know how I can better serve you!

Here are some points that we used to give an idea.

  • Teamwork
  • Discipleship
  • Photo fun
  • Set Lists
  • New Songs
  • Worship Resources
  • Worship discussion from other Worship Leaders
  • Short Devotions
  • Team Bible Challenges

Some that I might like to add

  • Musical Training
  • Poems/Lyric writing
  • Song Bible correlation talks
  • Vocal Help videos/articles

So let us know and as always if you want to post let me know and we can get you involved

Thank You

Well Worship Ministry


Are You?

Check out this post from my awesome wife, I may be biased but it is really good and well written.

Check out this post from Ben, it goes great with the message from last Sunday and reminding to always have the helmet of salvation to protect our mind and to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us toward sanctification!


In the process of becoming a man, my teenage ways of looking at and living out things has to be altered or in some cases just dropped like a hot potato. For example, I believe as a teenager I use to get offended very easily (and still do, sometimes) and that’s something I’m trying to shed off. As man, a kingdom man, I’m trying to step back from my usually haste response so I can start to discern the spiritual warfare around me, or even in certain cases, I front of me. It’s not an easy application, but it’s one that will take me a long ways.

A thing I’m overcoming is my lack of confidence. I often go around sometimes with my head low thinking I’m no good compared to so and so. Whether it be based on looks, experience, skill set or past accomplishments, I use…

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Here is some encouragement from Amber, thanks Amber for sharing and reminding that sometimes we sing even to remind ourselves of the truth o

f God’s word!

Check it out here:

Make the grade

There is one thing that has become very apparent as I am a month into school. Its a principle that is true in every avenue on life.

You are only going to get out what you put into it!

There is only so much I can learn in a classroom. I have to study and apply my knowledge, and if I fail it is only because I failed to put the work in. I didn’t fail because the class was too hard or I had a bad instructor. Nope, it is because I neglected my work, only did the bare minimum to get by, and didn’t take the necessary time to excel in my craft. Basically I was lazy. In the end I only have myself to blame.

So lets look at the other areas in our lives.

Honestly I put God last because that is usually how it goes. We put time and effort into everything else except our relationship with God, and our understanding of his word. Then we sit back and wonder why we are failing. Maybe your just passing by the skin of your teeth. You know you haven’t put the time in needed to pass and excel.

Its just like school. We work as hard as we want to get the grade that we will be satisfied with. Honestly some “classes” will take more work than others, but that is a whole other post! The truth that you learn something new everyday never changes as you get older. If you aren’t learning you aren’t growing.

If you keep wondering why you aren’t making it in this walk with God, maybe you aren’t doing what you need to get there. Or possibly just like in learning anything sometimes it takes a little while before it finally clicks. Keep going don’t give up!

You will have as much of God as you want. Do you want an A(Excelling) a C(average, just getting by) or an E(don’t care enough to even learn).

What grade would you give yourself today?
What are you going to do to start to pass?

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